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Frequently Asked Questions

My dog isn't always the best behaved, what if I can't get him to listen?

As a both trainer and a photographer, I've worked with dogs of all levels of obedience. Whether your dog is a teacher's pet, the class clown, or anywhere in between, let me work my magic. I've got plenty of tricks up my sleeve to help get some great shots! If no force on earth can get your dog to sit and look perfectly at the camera, no sweat. Often times the candid shots end up being the favorites, as they show the dog just being themselves.

Most importantly in our sessions though, I want you and your dog to have FUN! Pictures of unhappy dogs and memories of session stress definitely don't make for ideal wall art. If we need to take a break mid-session to just go for a walk and de-stress, that totally works.


Relax. Breathe. Smile. Your dog will thank you.

What if I can't trust my dog off leash?

Many of my photos are actually taken on leash! Thanks to the magic of editing, I can edit out leashes and collars to give the illusion of off leash freedom while keeping your pooch from being able to scurry off during our session.

What if the weather is bad on the day of our session?

I will be tracking the weather in the days before our session. If it looks like the weather will be bad, we can reschedule at no cost. That being said, overcast weather tends to be the best to photograph in! Whether it is bright and sunny or soft and overcast, anything that isn't a wild downpour will turn out beautifully.

On the topic of light - in my experience the best time for photography tends to be within the two hour window before sunset. I prefer to book sessions in this window if possible, but beautiful portraits can happen at any time of day that fits your scheduling needs.

Do you take pictures of people too?

I primarily specialize in pet photography, but if you would like to be in the photos then by all means, join in! I love showing the bond between pets and their people, especially through candid pictures. However, if you are looking for a photographer to take pictures of just you or your family, I can point you in the direction of some excellent family and portrait photographers.

What does "social media quality" mean?

Because of restrictions in the maximum uploadable size to sites like Facebook and Instagram, I optimize the images during export to look their best on these sites. I also put a small, tasteful watermark on these images.

I do not provide full resolution files from my sessions for a number of reasons. First, they are huge! Second, I work with an extremely high quality print lab in order to ensure the best possible quality of products for you. When taking files to standard print/office stores, the quality is impacted significantly, which is a lose-lose for everybody.

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